Rethinking how IT training works, for you.
Power and productivity to the user, because any technology is only as good as the people using it
More efficient, More personal , More productive



"Until we had Kinetics coach our staff, we had no idea what we were missing.
Now it’s an essential part of our professional skills development programme. This is the best value way of delivering new computer skills to our team. It’s highly effective and the time efficient."
Fit-for-business Computer Coaching.

Face to face coaching for teams 2-20 and
businesses of any size. Configured by Business, team and individual - specific to roles and objectives, not generic software training.
More relevant and in-tune  
Real smarts.
People who think and speak like [super] users,  not instruction manuals.
Super useful. 
Fully fit for purpose. Dynamic and quickly adaptable to any business, team or user.

Visible change.
Creating highly productive people. Getting more out of what you have.
We'll sit with you to help you get the outcomes your business requires.

Focus on performance.

2 hours at your place not 2 days out of the office.

Plain English not tech speak.

Working faster and with more focus - upfront team tutorial for efficiency and then one-to-one's for real relevancy.

We are the super-users who coach not trainers who lecture.

More efficient and more effective 
If you need help :
  • Sharing to-do lists or address books in Outlook
  • Allocating and managing task items in Outlook
  • Using calendar to invite others and manage your appointments
  • Using calendar to manage meeting rooms and shared environments
  • Managing the size of emails and files saved on your servers
  • Making it easy to create documents that conform to the professional image of your business and that have a consistent look no matter who produced it
  • Saving documents so they can be easily found
  • Backing up documents and managing version control
  • Using email efficiently
  • Creating templates and forms to allow easy and repeated use for users and for customers
  • Adding a watermark to a document
  • Setting rules to help you manage your emails, e.g. highlighting the ones from the boss!
  • Or anything else..

Kinetics Computer Coaches are all about helping you apply the functionality already available to you, to help make your everyday work easier. We'll make it easier to create great looking documents consistently across all of your team. We'll help you use the features of Outlook and Sharepoint to allow your teams to work more productively. We'll help you build processes and systems to make your business more efficient. Big steps and small steps, all working together to achieve better outcomes for your business.

We'll empower you to get the most from your IT investment to get real business value.


Kinetics Group