What’s new in Office? Three of our favourites – that you will already have access to!

by | Apr 20, 2019 | News, TIPS TRICKS AND HINTS

Office keeps changing, get smarter, more powerful an above all, helping you get more done each day.  Each of these tips is something small, but cumulatively they make a difference!

1. When you want to email someone what you are seeing on screen

(For example, if you want to send a copy of an error message)


2. Create documents in Word that write themselves, by making it easy to re-use content

(This is how we’ve automated much of our document creation to create a higher standard of work, while needing less time to create docs)


3. Set aside webpages to read later

For those webpages that catch your attention but you haven’t got time now!



For more great tips, check out our friends at Kambium  These are just 3 from about 10 recent updates we were excited by.

With their help, we’ve got a great range of courses to help you and your colleagues get the most from your IT, as well as our coaching and mentoring options.   Best of all, we’ll come to you!

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