Film and Video Labelling Body (FVLB)

All films supplied to the public must be submitted to the Film and Video Labelling Body (FVLB). The FVLB then rates unrestricted films and issues the labels that must be affixed to films before they can be supplied to the public. Kinetics Group first started working with the FVLB 17 years ago, building the hardware and software platform they [...]

Jenkin Timber

​Business for Jenkin today is still based on the original values established over three generations ago; integrity, innovation and foresight. It means they strive for quality in everything they do from providing consistently superior product, to timely investment in technology, to fostering loyal relationships with their customers. Jenkin, as [...]

NZ Society of Genealogists

We were given very clear guidelines and direction as to what we would be going through and what we could expect to resolve the problems – it was fantastic. ​Historically NZSG’s IT systems were supported by a “one man band”. The support they received was very reactive and communication to the NZSG was sparse if any. “When something [...]