Automating our own business processes with Microsoft 365

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Case Studies, News

Normally our case studies reflect work we’ve done with clients. This time we wanted to share how we’ve used our own services through lockdown to automate a key business process.

One of the challenges we’ve always had is that it can be really hard to know how long a job will take. That makes it difficult to schedule the next job in any given day for any of our field team, and to be on time. Typically our engineer is so focused on what is in front of them that they lose track of time and don’t remember to call ahead if they are delayed.

This has been a perennial problem for us, and we used to solve it with a person in the office who spent a lot of time each day trying to keep everyone on track.

Using our ‘unblock a business process’ service, and the power of Microsoft 365, we’ve automated the process.

Now Teams automatically pops up a prompt in the engineer’s screen half an hour before their time commitment is due to finish and simply asks them if they are likely to get done on time. If the answer is no, then it sends a notice to our co-ordinators and they can reschedule the next job.

The engineer can keep focused on what they are doing and we can provide the best service we can for our clients!