Cloud – Kiwi-made or a global players like AWS or Azure?

Cloud cloud cloud, our customers must get sick of hearing us bang on about it!  But we keep talking about it because the cloud gives fantastic options to most businesses to do more than ever, for less cost.   But, not all clouds are the same. Regular readers will know that we favour Microsoft Office 365 cloud for business tools like [...]

Beware – Social Engineering! The number one security threat to business is your people!

Every business collects data, from sales leads to financial transactions and everything in between. Increasingly data is the new ‘gold’. The problem is, unlike actual gold that you can put in a vault, data is weightless, and your staff need access to your data to get their work done. Locking your data away isn’t viable – you need to use it to [...]

Not as exciting as last month, but still pretty cool! Translate and Activity.

Last month we highlighted the new 'dictation' feature in Office - Outlook and Word, and it seems heaps of our readers and clients have embraced it!  This month, we've looked through all that's new with Office 365 and we're going to highlight some useful features - Translate and Activity. With a KAMBIUM subscription, we'll help you stay up to date,  [...]

We’re going to be hearing about data privacy for a lot longer yet!

I don't know about you, but every day I open emails and articles about data security and our obligations in business.   It's feeling a little overwhelming, but on closer inspection, most of the conversation is pretty sensible. The headlines have been  the data breach legislation in Australia and the GDPR in the European Union.  That resulted in a [...]

Overloading in Outlook? Focussed Inbox is the answer!

Is your inbox overflowing?  Once things move down the page, do they disappear, accompanied by the nagging guilt that you should have done something?  You need a focussed inbox. For many people, their inbox becomes part of their filing cabinet, and that's obviously not what it is supposed to be.  You ideally want your inbox to clearly identify [...]

Letter from Microsoft Inspire – Vegas 2018

It wasn’t just the weather that was hot. Microsoft is hot right now, and given how much we all rely on them for the tools to run our businesses, that's an exciting prospect. While there weren't specific announcements, what I found encouraging was the consistent progress under CEO Satya Nadella.   In contrast to the last regime that wanted to do [...]

The best new thing in Office that no one knows about (Shush – don’t tell)

Spoiler alert- you have to read the full article - and good news alert – the article is really short! Office 365 keeps changing. Updates and upgrades happen when you aren’t looking. While many of them are pretty trivial and only impact a few people, some updates are HUGE! Most people are busy and they don’t have time to experiment, actually [...]

When does Windows 10 become Windows 11?

When Microsoft released Windows 10, they said it would be the last version – but that hasn’t stopped them enhancing it.  The updates available in the April 2018 (Version “1803”) release continue to refine it in small but useful ways that add up to a significant improvement.   Unfortunately, the update is significant and while it installs [...]

What’s in an Antivirus? ( or, when is ‘free’ the most expensive option?)

  It is not uncommon for us to be asked why a business needs to purchase antivirus when Windows 10 already includes antivirus. It's true - Windows comes with a 'free' antivirus - Windows Defender is free with Windows and has been for some time. A few years ago, Microsoft was getting a lot of heat about Windows devices getting infected.  [...]

Sneaky devils – how insecure email led to a $150K loss

Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time with a group of my Ozzie peers.  One of the things we did was share problems and solutions. During those discussions, I heard of the following hack. The IT Company I was talking to had a smallish client.  They had five employees and their biggest cost was shipping/transport, with around $AUS150,000 a [...]