This week’s social engineering hack

The latest attempt to trick you into opening an infected document.  Includes swearing and then a new enticing warning message. Today I received this message (I have edited out the swear word.) yea , we finally did it. here is the bank confirmation: bofa_card_statement_bill.doc now fXXk off and try not to contact me again or else. On Feb [...]

Office365 Updates

There's nothing like seeing the computer display hall at MOTAT to be reminded of how much things change and how quickly.  One of the sayings I heard late last year was that never in history has business has never changed faster than  now, and yet it will never change slower than it does now.  Wow! So it's great to know our tools are keeping up with [...]

Cloud could be a waste of time…

Is the Cloud helping you drive your bottom line - Are you doing the same stuff the same way or using the cloud to do new things better? The cloud is game changer, but to really win with the cloud you do have to change your game. For a long time, the cloud was sold as a means of turning capital costs into operating costs – a finance option. The [...]


That’s right, a CryptoLocker Stopper. It appears so, at least for some forms of the beast. This amazing bit of technology has been around for a while. But at price point that was more Fortune 500 than SME. Now WatchGuard (they’re a firewall manufacture) has made APT Blocker (Advanced Persistent Threat Blocker) technology affordable. As [...]

Change is in the air!

Change is in the air. It's unmissable, it's everywhere. This year's Microsoft Conference in Toronto just served to highlight that theme more than ever. It was larger, with more attendees and more noise. But behind the numbers, there is a significant shift in the way IT serves business. Technology can streamline your business, and it can grow your [...]

Update : Spearphishing is now much more aggressive

By now, most of our followers will know what spearphishing is - we've posted before about it Most of our client's have now experienced an attack, but luckily they are too savvy to be caught (so far)!! We just heard about a spearphishing attack on one of our clients where, having sent the fake email (somehow they even knew the client's CEO [...]

Beating Cryptolocker – A Comprehensive Guide

CryptoLocker is online extortion. It encrypts your files and then demands a fee to unencrypt them.  Paying the fee is no guarantee your files will get unlocked or that they will not get encrypted again.  Like traditional extortion, paying the fee only encourages the perpetrators. The odds of your business being hit by CryptoLocker are far higher [...]

AI is here… and on your phone

The coffee machine is a great place to debate the world’s issues.   Of course in a tech business,  our discussions tend to dodge sports, politics and philosophy in favour of what’s on our various phones!  One of the team was trying to figure out how, when he googled a hotel he was planning to stay at, the google page also told him when he was booked [...]

Microsoft’s Learning Partner of the Year!

Kinetics was among a group of associated companies to win awards at Microsoft New Zealand’s annual awards on 7 April 2016. Winning Learning Partner of the Year, Kinetics unique model of on-premise, tailored computer coaching was validated by the Microsoft team as providing the best Microsoft training in New Zealand.     Dicker [...]

What users hate about IT at work (and how to fix it)

Most office workers spend over 5 hours a day at their computer, and even more working through mobile devices.  When your work day revolves so much around your computer experience, it's obvious that it's key factor in workplace satisfaction and in daily productivity.   So we've looked around the internet to get an understanding of what the key [...]