Keeping up with One Note

I reckon that OneNote's being used by about a third of the people I see in meetings.  And that means that about two-thirds of people are missing out! I've been a big OneNote fan for ages because OneNote conquered my personal chaos of unstructured notes and paper everywhere.  For the last several years, I've been able to find things, and that's [...]

Beware (again) – The Phishermen are after you.

The deluge of clever phishing emails continues. This one caught our eye, because it looks so authentic.  Given that we look after Office 365 for this customer, it left us wondering how we'd have missed 'verifying' their account.  Well, only a for a moment! When we looked more carefully, the link takes you to a site hosted in Taiwan.  It's clearly [...]

Keeping up with Microsoft Office updates

If you have Office 365, then you have the latest version.  Office updates monthly with new features – but are you USING them?  Office gets smarter every month, but are you? The new capabilities can help you work smarter and be more productive, but only if you can find the time to assess and adopt them. But it’s so hard to find the time! As [...]

Clever iOS app scams

You could be forgiven for being overconfident about Apple's vetting of iOS apps.  But you shouldn't be lulled into thinking that all iOS apps are safe - here is an example of an app that is effectively a scam. The free app offered encrypted chat messages.  You enter a 4 digit pin and the recipient could only open the message if they had the same 4 [...]

FAKE Microsoft 365 Renewal

Another day, another scam.  One of our clients forwarded this little number to us today You can see that the link to 'microsoft' is spelt wrong, with one letter missing.  If you are busy, you might miss it, and by telling you your email access is about to be cancelled, you might be tempted to quickly log in and pay the scammers.   Except of course, [...]

The Spectre of a Meltdown

The Spectre of a Meltdown - 2018 starts with a security headache. Unhappily, our New Year starts by warning you about yet more security vulnerabilities. Whoever names these must have a lot of fun! Spectre and Meltdown are the latest, and these two effect virtually every modern machine, including Mac, Tablet and Phone. These can be triggered in many ways, [...]

Christmas 2017

Its Christmas time again and the signs are its going to be great summer.  No matter how good the weather is, we know that many of us need to keep in touch with our clients and our business. Kinetics will be open every business day other than statutory holidays.  Evenings and weekends our on-call staff are available to assist if needed, at our [...]

4 Reasons IT training SUCKS!

  No matter how amazing a training course is, how effective the trainer is and how much was learnt on the day, if the learning isn't applied back at your desk, you quickly forget. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It's imperative people take what was learnt and apply it as soon as possible after attending training. It needs to be [...]

KRACK Wireless Access Vulnerability

It’s been all over the news that the dastardly hackers have struck again, this time hitting your favourite wireless.  According to some reports, the world will end (again!). Firstly, its true : this week has seen the public release of information about a vulnerability with Wi-Fi access.  As with all breaking news details can differ between [...]

Another Scammer example

  The scammers never stop.  This latest attempt is extremely poorly written.  But when you follow the link it's a passable representation of the Office 365 website. Even thought this looks so clunky, it fools some people... It is easy to image someone under time pressure, clearing lots of backlog emails and not reading carefully enough but [...]