Our favourite ‘surviving the madness’ holiday app!

With the annual bustle of Christmas upon us, our office conversation turned to mobile phone apps on Friday.  The surprise was that some of our tech-savvy team were still unaware of the magic of Google Maps to beat traffic. So, here's the secret to my sanity!  For a route you know well, a destination that very familiar, it seems a bit mad to have [...]

Keep your OneDrive space

We warned you a few weeks ago about a space reduction coming for OneDrive. All is not lost! With changes coming to reduce the free space you get with OneDrive - you CAN keep your space - so if your family photos and all your music are in OneDrive then this is for you - to keep your existing bonus Microsoft ‪#‎onedrive‬ storage Opt-in here [...]

We’d rather be writing about cool stuff, but there’s more Phishing to warn you about

We'd rather be writing about positive exciting things, like our favourite mobile apps, or industry trends and how they relate to our clients.  Unfortunately, the hackers keep taking our attention.  Here's the latest one today - and doesn't it look authentic!   The first clue is that it wasn't expected.  'Jany' is unknown.   The second [...]

Getting ready for Christmas

Its Christmas time again (well almost) and along with shopping, gifts, Christmas parties, holiday bookings and the thousands of other things in need of sorting.  There are also a couple of IT related items to be checked off. Is anyone going to be swapping disk/tapes?  If the role is being passed between two people make sure the hand over takes place a [...]

Warning : OneDrive (personal) space reduction

If, like me, you love OneDrive, be warned that the space you get for free is being reduced. I use it to keep the family photos, to backup the camera on my Android phone, to store my music, to share a family OneNote file and generally keep my personal stuff.   It is brilliant how my content follows me no matter what device I am using. So it's [...]

Spear-Phishing (aka Whaling)

There's yet another new, and nasty, 'phishing' attack doing the rounds.   We've heard it called SpearPhishing, or Whaling.  Here's how it works. The villains research the name of your CEO and your accountant/CFO.  This is often just a matter of looking on your website for the names.  Then they send the accountant an email, pretending to be from the [...]

Cyber Security Breaches

There's a lot of interest in cyber security this week - from client business cellphones going missing, 'crypto-locker' scares on office PCs and over the last few days - enquiries stemming from new business insurance cyber-security products. We noticed an article a few days ago stating there were weekly security breaches across ANZ, and we're certainly [...]

Sponsoring Malaghan Institute

Kinetics Group is proud to be a Lab Partner for the Malaghan Institute.  The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand’s leading medical research institute focused on finding cures for cancer, asthma and allergy, multiple sclerosis and infectious disease.   Based at Victoria University, the institute is world-renowned for their groundbreaking research in [...]

Windows 10 – Coming Soon!

Windows 10 is coming soon - barely a month to go, (July 29) and we've been testing the early builds extensively. The answer is that if you have a current license of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, then YES,  If you have older Windows, then NO.  There has been some confusion about preview testers getting it for free, and the answer is they can have it IF they [...]

Dangerous Load (in eMail)

There's an epidemic of emails floating around right now, and even the best anti-Virus and anti-Spam are letting them through. The most common one today simply says 'Invoices' and it contains a ZIP file that it encourages you to open. Not all Zip files are what they seem, and for that matter, even traditional Word documents can contain macro's that [...]