Anyone can be hacked! And anyone can be the cause.

In recent articles, we’ve warned that . We’ve also warned that any business is a target. No one is immune. Tech companies like us are especially cautious because, in order to do our job, we have access not just to our data but also to our customers’ data. That’s why Kinetics has invested in an SOC2 compliant password vault (the highest levels [...]

Updated Privacy Laws coming to NZ

Overshadowed by overseas privacy law changes like GDPR, our own NZ Privacy legislation has flown a little under the radar. But rest assured, changes are coming here as well. The last change in NZ Law was 1993, and it was world-leading at the time. Then in 2011, the Law Commission suggested an update, and that’s where we are now. The expectation is [...]

Te Whangai – Growing People by Growing Plants

We are incredibly proud to have helped   They are an amazing organisation. There’s a whole group of society that miss out on the opportunities many of us take for-granted.   While many under-privileged members of our community can access various social programmes, there is a group that is disconnected from society and can’t access ‘regular’ [...]

Using the Cloud to compete globally from New Zealand

As a small kiwi business working in a global context, The Conference Company (TCC) faced some unique challenges. They compete around the world to host some of the most pre-eminent events against impressive competition from much larger operations. TCC has to present the same capabilities as these larger competitors while being nimble and cost-efficient. [...]

Can you keep me safe?

We’ve shared a few security stories lately, and we know its hair raising stuff. The reality is that any organisation is a target for these hackers. It’s no longer about cyber-vandalism, these attacks are outright theft. The thieves are operating from highly organised operations, often set up as businesses themselves. Clients are called (not [...]

Will this really ‘break’ the internet?

There's nothing worse than accidentally clicking on a daft click-bait link that re-directs you to a dodgy, untrustworthy website.  They are all too common, with news you can't trust, and who-knows-what malware.  We're increasingly able to block the worst sites with our reputation-based web protection, but nothing is impervious. Even for the [...]

What are @Mentions in Office?

How many times,. when you are working on documents with someone else, do you want to ask them a question? "Why did you add (or remove) this section?", "How does this calculation work?" and so on. So, you stop what you are doing, send them an email or make a phone call, and then try to describe the section of the file you are asking about, as [...]

Tech like it’s 1999

This week, we've seen some pretty interesting tech announcements - I confess the foldable phones really interest me.   While these are crazily expensive now, volume will bring the price down.  But what's really interesting is imagining this tech in other applications - for example in your car, or in retail experiences.  The idea of a flexible screen is [...]

Three Cyber-Insurance questions you need to consider

With all necessary attention on cyber-security and fraud, we've had a couple of people asking us about insurance solutions.  This makes sense, insurance is all about mitigating risk.  Of course, insurance doesn't give you a license to be careless - you still need to take all reasonable steps to protect yourself. It seems obvious that what used to be [...]