Is Cyber Security important at work? What about Working from Home (WFH)?

The best way that security can be managed when Working From Home (WFH) is to ensure the WFH devices are known to be patched, have AV, and are monitored. There is always going to be a risk if the device is not monitored as you won’t know what the patch/AV status is, therefore to ensure optimal security the device should be proactively monitored. It is [...]

What to do when the proverbial hits the fan?

By now, its well understood that hackers and cyber-criminals are busy and it’s only a matter of time before they hit you. They will keep trying and trying and whether they succeed, or whether your defenses work, the next attempt will follow quickly. We recently had a client ask "why is multi-factor-authentication (MFA) important?" We were able to [...]

Webinar : Protect your business from cyber attacks

Since Covid-19, there has been a surge in ransomware and cyber-attacks in New Zealand. For almost 25 years, Kinetics has specialised in providing comprehensive cyber security solutions and staff training to a broad cross section of the business [...]

Drowning in eMail – survive the flood

It’s hard to believe there was once a world with eMail. Working from Home meant we couldn’t talk to colleagues as easily as we used to. Some messaging moved to tools like Teams, and that cut email traffic, but others stayed in eMail and inboxes were flooded. It’s not all in your hands? Yes, there are somethings you can do – and we have some [...]

Researchers Find New Calendar-Based Phishing Campaign

The latest email scam looks like a calendar attachment. It’s a phishing attack intended to get you to click on something that isn’t what it seems to be – in this case an ICS calendar invitation. As always, be careful. Use services like KARE for Security (which we think is the  MINIMUM you should have for security) to scan [...]

Lessons from Lockdown

There have been extraordinary lessons from an extraordinary time.  The resilience we’ve seen is inspirational and the determination, especially by those hardest hit, has been stunning. We’ve seen organisations and their people adapt quickly and selflessly to change, with some of that change looks to be permanent. Given the rush into this [...]

Need to manage and minimise your Microsoft 365 costs?

Kinetics is very pleased to say that we are now able to help you quickly review your Microsoft 365 licensing. As Microsoft has improved the availability and quality of information Kinetics can access, we have been working on passing that information to you, in useful and timely formats. Starting with your August Microsoft 365 licensing invoice, [...]

No one is completely immune!

Hackers can strike anyone. If well-resourced organisations like Honda, Lion NZ and Fisher & Paykel Appliances can fall victim to hackers, then anyone can. I don’t have specific knowledge of what happened at these organisations, but it’s a safe bet they are well run with good teams, education in place, appropriate policies and an audit process. [...]

Maximum Power in Windows (aka extending battery life)

Many of us now rely on laptops and we are used to finding the battery runs out of charge all to quickly. Windows pops up a warning saying the battery is running low, and the pressure goes on you to finish up your work before the battery expires. Inevitably when this happens, you don’t have a charger with you so that just adds to the [...]