Create Keyboard Shortcuts for the iPad and iPhone (iOS 7)

by | Mar 25, 2014 | TIPS TRICKS AND HINTS

It’s getting easier to enter text on mobile devices but there are times when you quickly need to enter a few words or phrase you use often. For example, how many times have you needed to tell someone “On my way”? Once you’ve tried keyboard shortcuts in iPad you’ll probably think of lots of other uses.

A keyboard shortcut lets you enter a sequence of letters that iOS will automatically replace with a full phrase. For example, you could create the shortcut omw to represent On my way! So, anywhere that you type omw it will be replaced with On my way! (That one is already set up for you in iOS 7).


To add a keyboard shortcut, Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut

Enter the full phrase e.g. Be right back and the shortcut e.g. brb

If you frequently share your business address and don’t want to type it out each time, you could create a shortcut like addr, and type out the full address as the phrase.

Relevant to: iOS 7 on iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

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