Cyber Security Breaches

by | Aug 3, 2015 | News

There’s a lot of interest in cyber security this week – from client business cellphones going missing, ‘crypto-locker’ scares on office PCs and over the last few days – enquiries stemming from new business insurance cyber-security products.

We noticed an article a few days ago stating there were weekly security breaches across ANZ, and we’re certainly noticing an increase in attacks.  You do need to be careful.

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Like so many other aspects of life, there is no magic answer.   Businesses need to be careful of anyone promising the impossible.  In the same way that the latest home security can only ever minimise your risk of burglary, the best IT security can also only minimise your risk.  You have to assess your risk and invest proportionately – once the basics are covered, additional investment reduces, but doesn’t eliminate, risk.

No matter what your insurance is, or what your risks are, there are some basic steps that all businesses should follow.

1. Backup, backup, backup.  You can never have enough backups.  Backups are the ultimate protection insofar as they let us get your content back (and ask for proof with regular test restores).

2. Keep everything to date – especially Windows updates, Office updates and Antivirus.  Every machine needs antivirus (we recently ran across a new client who didn’t have antivirus on their PCs – unbelievably they thought it would slow their machines down too much!)

3. Mail-Washing and Web-Washing tools will keep most (but not all) nasties away – you still have to be careful.

4. Don’t forget mobiles are reported to be used for over 60% of web-browsing – that’s much more than PCs, and we know they are doing a similar amount of email – so don’t forget to protect your mobiles and tablets.

5. Check it – make sure you are getting transparent, regular reporting, so that you have evidential proof that your IT team is keeping you safe.

Kinetics KARE is a range of services that cover each of these platforms – servers, clouds, PCs and mobiles.  Every KARE package comes with regular monthly reporting so KARE clients KNOW they are protected and their IT will work for them.