Cyber-war Seminar

by | Aug 12, 2021 | News, Security

Stories from the Cyber-war

The simple reality is that cyber-crime is now a mega-business.  The cost and effort to combat it grows all the time.

“Is it worth it?” 

Good question.  Every organisation needs to choose a level of security and resulting cost, effort and organisational impact appropriate for their industry and potential loss.

“Is it really necessary?”

Join this webinar to hear the latest learnings in the IT industry about recent threats in this ever changing landscape.

We will talk through a number of ransomware attack examples and help you begin to answer the question “are you prepared”.

We live in a cyber-world of “when” not “if” you are attacked.

Presented by the Kinetics Security Ninja’s 

Join us from 11:00AM on Tuesday 31 August 

Date : 31 August

Time : 11:00 AM



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