Damn – I just “corrupted” that document

by | Aug 28, 2020 | News

It happens to all of us. The IT geeks tell us all to save our work to the cloud (or server for those still  to move), but it’s just so convenient to have it on the desktop.

We all do it.  It could be a spreadsheet you want to work on or a document that a client shared with you, or an email attachment.  Maybe you just wanted the file for a meeting, say 6 months ago.

But now its gone and I’ve been updating it all the time 🙁

So you ask “why aren’t they backing up my laptop?”


But, that’s right, backups of all your organisation’s PC and laptops can get expensive, especially if you include all your photos and music downloads.   With a laptop that travels with you, it’s also a practical issue – do you want it working when you travel – consuming all the hotel room bandwidth?

Now Covid has hit and everyone is working outside the office so much more. What is happening to all those documents? Surely I can trust everyone is copying them back to the office or the cloud, can’t I?


If you are concerned about documents that seem to magically migrate on to desktops and hard drives, then we have some good news for you. If you are a Kinetics KARE client, we now offer a workstation backup that finds and backs up those Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint presentations everyone has put so much effort into.

KARE Personal Document Backup is simple and effective

Twice a day, everyday, it seeks out these office documents on the local drive and backs them up straight into the cloud. Once backed up, they are retained for 28 days. That is plenty of time to get them back if they become corrupt or damaged, or if your laptop is lost or stolen.   Best of all the price is less than a cup of coffee a month.

The obvious use for this backup is on all laptops. They are your biggest risk. However desktop PC users are equally bad at saving stuff locally.

Because KARE Personal Document Backup targets only local files and only specific type, it keeps the cost down, making it feasible to deploy it to desktops as well. Twice a day, everyday you can make sure Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets are safe.

For more information contact your Account Manager, call us or email info@kinetics.co.nz.