Make compliance with the new Health and Safety at Work Act easier  
The new Health and Safety at Work Act takes effect on the 4th of April. We have been looking how we meet our obligations under the Act.  Having reviewed the requirements. It was clear that we needed to have a simple system that allowed our team to record and report relevant information. So we created a set of tools using SharePoint that will:
  • Ensure that process was being followed
  • Provide all staff with a common understanding
  • Record hazards
  • Allow risks to be scored before and after resolution had been applied
  • Track the level of risk our staff were exposed to over time
  • Support incident review
  • Record H & S training
  • Ensure that the appropriate reviews and scheduled and occur
  • 27 April, 10:30AM at Kinetics in Ellerslie
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.
Turn your data into knowledge 
Find out about to use tools that you already own to make your data come alive.  Create meaningful business information from your fragmented data giving you an overview of what is happening so you can make better business decisions. During this session we will cover:
  • What is a data plan?
  • How to overcome fragmented data
  • Creating dashboards
  • Automated reporting
  • 11 May, 10:30AM at Kinetics in Ellerslie
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.
Biz intelligence
Get the most out of your Windows touch device. 
Windows touch devices like the Microsoft Surface are becoming more and more popular because they give you the best of both worlds. They can be used as both a powerful laptop as well as a tablet. While many people take advantage of their power, few use the two most useful features, the pen and OneNote.
The course runs for 2 hours with time for Q&A. Content includes:
  • An introduction to using Windows 8.1 / 10 in touch mode
  • Using the Pen
  • OneNote
    • Why Digital Note Taking?
    • Notebooks - Organising information in OneNote
    • Pages
    • Create content in OneNote
    • Adding content from other sources
    • Tagging and Search
    • Distributing and Sharing Notes
  • 8 June, 10:30AM at Kinetics in Ellerslie
PRICE = $300 +GST per person, or $200+GST each for 2 or more people. Please make sure you book a spot.
  tosh touch
Work faster and smarter, every day, with our Microsoft Office productivity training and how to automate workflows and enforce policies on a fixed budget... using Microsoft SharePoint. 
Two sessions in one.. join either or both, its up to you. The first session covers how you can use Microsoft Office to do things quicker and better every day. We will help you understand what you don't know about these powerful tools... so you can do something about it. Suitable for HR managers and people responsible for administrative teams. We then break for a light lunch, then hold a 45 minute session on how Microsoft SharePoint can eliminate manual processes, improve communication and enforce company policies... without breaking your bank. Suitable for HR and operations managers.
  • 29 June, 12:30 PM at Kinetics, Ellerslie.
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.
Plain English seminar on the basics of cloud IT. 
Join us for a light lunch, then a free 45 minute seminar on how Microsoft Office 365 can improve productivity for you and your company on a daily basis.  Suitable for anyone with overall responsibility for IT in an organisation.
  • 18 May, 12:30 PM at Kinetics, Ellerslie.
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.

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