Beating Cryptolocker – A Comprehensive Guide

CryptoLocker is online extortion. It encrypts your files and then demands a fee to unencrypt them.  Paying the fee is no guarantee your files will get unlocked or that they will not get encrypted again.  Like traditional extortion, paying the fee only encourages the perpetrators.

The odds of your business being hit by CryptoLocker are far higher than the odds of your staff embezzling money, a fire, a flood or a power surge blowing up your servers. In fact, the odds are higher of getting hit by CryptoLocker than all four of these others combined.

Antivirus isn’t a silver bullet – it isn’t 100% effective and has a business performance cost if detection levels are turned to up to maximum.

everything you need to know

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  1. What is CryptoLocker?
  2. How does CryptoLocker spread?
  3. Can my anti-virus protect me?
  4. What do my staff need to know about CryptoLocker?
  5. How do I prepare and recover from CryptoLocker?
  6. What can I do to stop CryptoLocker?

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