Featured Courses

by | May 17, 2019 | News

There’s always something new going on- new people, new software, updates and above all, new work to do!

We’ve got a great range of courses, ready-to-run at your place! Or we can craft something just for you.

Here’s a few we wanted to highlight:

1. Digital Skills – Need to know how to work with files in the cloud or new to digital devices – we now offer a series of sessions focused on improving digital skills such as using Teams, OneNote or Office, or streamlining everyday online activities.

2. Office 365 – Office 365 keeps evolving and many of its features are not used. Book one of our Office 365 sessions  to find out more about the cool stuff you didn’t know you had

3. Excel – Our Excel sessions have always been really popular, from learning the fundamentals through to the advanced. We now have an Excel Advanced 2 session for those who want to learn even more.