Getting ready for Christmas

by | Nov 23, 2015 | News

christmas-thank-you-clip-art-free-christmas-clip-art-downloads-admin-pclipart-picturesIts Christmas time again (well almost) and along with shopping, gifts, Christmas parties, holiday bookings and the thousands of other things in need of sorting.  There are also a couple of IT related items to be checked off. [header2 text=”Backups” align=”left” color=”#3ec940″ margintop=””] Is anyone going to be swapping disk/tapes?  If the role is being passed between two people make sure the hand over takes place a week or two before needed.   Have both people change the tape/disk each day for a week or so to ensure a successful transition.  You will be surprised how common it is for instructions to be lost in translation.

Using tape backups?  Do not have them set up to eject after the backup is complete.  With no one there to swap in the next tape,  your backups will stop working after the very first night.  That can (and does) result in log files building up and running you out of disk space.

KARE Offsite Backups.  Clients with our KARE Offsite service have their backups replicate offsite using the internet.  They need have no concerns.  KARE will manage and maintain backups though out the holiday period. 

[header2 text=”Our Hours” align=”left” color=”#3ec940″ margintop=””] We will be here every non statutory business day.  For us its business as usual, so relax.  Any problems, just call us.

[header2 text=”KARE Clients” align=”left” color=”#3ec940″ margintop=””] Our proactive team will keeping an eye on everything for you.  If we need to use an alternative call list over this period.  Let us know who to contact, how and during what times. 

[header2 text=”Is January a quiet period in your business?” align=”left” color=”#3ec940″ margintop=””] If you are running a skeleton staff, then this is a good time of year to prep PC’s. A bit of TLC for the desktops during the downtime ensures returning users can get off to the best start.  Your Account manager or Team leader can help arrange this for you.

[header2 text=”Relax” align=”left” color=”#3ec940″ margintop=””] We only get one summer a year in New Zealand.  Enjoy it.