Helping you with Cyber Insurance Audit Forms

by | Sep 27, 2021 | News, Security

Cyber Security Audits are increasingly common.

One cause is that we’re seeing more boards ask about cyber security posture, and frankly every board needs to be asking about that.

The other major prompt we see is when our clients are applying for cyber security insurance, and again, we think that is something every organisaton needs.

Kinetics has noticed this rapid rise in requests for assistance. 

Our experience is that audits are always complex, with a wide range of factors adding to the complexity.

It takes time to understand the intent of questions and to answer them correctly. To do justice to them, we need time to understand how they apply to your systems. Often they span multiple aspects of security and answers are required from different units within your business, suppliers and Kinetics as your IT partner.

We ask that you reach out to us early when you receive a cyber security audit or questionnaire.

It takes time to ensure the correct people are engaged and that answers are factual, and truly reflect your unique situation. We also ask that you share the complete list of questions with us. Experience has shown us that questions can not be taken in isolation.

Helping you is an important engagement. We will treat it as a small project, in its own right. Our input can consume between 8 and 16 hours and spread across 5 to 10 working days.

We need the time because it is important we do a thorough job and get it right for you. The quality of the answer can have important ramifications on your organisation. We must undertake due diligence on answers and have asked all our staff to avoid adhoc answers to questions. They can’t be rushed or done casually.

Anything less won’t do justice to your business or our own.