Hot off the press – we have just received CERT NZ’s report for the last quarter of 2021

by | Mar 10, 2022 | News, Security

So, just a quick reminder of who CERT NZ are – it’s the official NZ Government Cyber-Security agency.

So, first up – 13% increase in reported incidents on the previous year and a big spike into the last quarter.

  • 9% more phishing attacks.
  • 24% more malware, based on the “flubot” campaigns.
  • But scams and frauds were down 1%
  • 15% of incidents resulted in financial loss, costing 16.8%.
  • We note that the big event last year was the attack on the health boards.
  • What struck me in reading their report was that we’re as vulnerable at home as we are at work : 47% of reporting incidents attacked individuals.

Refer : Quarter Four Report 2021 | CERT NZ