Improvements in Outlook calendars

by | Jul 1, 2021 | News, TIPS TRICKS AND HINTS

Outlook is getting a facelift

Today’s pressures demand we jam more activity into less time. There seem to be more meetings, workshops and events than ever, even if many are virtual. Unfortunately, managing these commitments doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Most of us are used to scheduling time with tools like Doodle. Many people aren’t aware that there is also FindTime that can plug straight into Outlook (from the ‘addins’ menu).

Microsoft are also working on the native abilities of Outlook as part of Microsoft 365.  One of the small challenges they have been looking at it is when several people try to alter a shared appointment at once.  We can expect to see changes happen faster across all platforms – PCs, mobiles, web etc , which is especially important for shared and delegated calendars.

It also lets you accept appointments without sending acknowledgements, albeit I can’t think of why that would be useful, and to limit attachments to just the meeting organiser, instead of someone forwarding an appointment.

How do I turn this on?

Open Outlook then choose “Account Settings” from the File menu

Open your Exchange Account and  choose “More Settings”

Next you need the “Advanced” menu and tick “Turn on shared calendar improvements (preview)”

Note that warning -this is a preview feature so its not sully supported yet.

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