International eSecurity Compliance

by | Aug 31, 2020 | News, Security

It feels it’s like a daily occurrence for one of our clients to be asking for assistance with a security compliance questionnaire from their client. Most of these are being driven by corporates with international footprints. This becomes complex as each jurisdiction has its own legislation and additional specific industry compliance.

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Firstly, you have to demonstrate you’re compliant with access control requirements.  You need clear policies and procedures about who gets access to what, what kind of passwords are required, and how often those passwords are updated. Our Kambium team are busy helping a lot of clients to review, and in some cases create, policies around access and control.  Traditional systems like servers and enterprise cloud solutions like Office 365 include controls and reporting/logging. Many cloud apps however lack or have very limited logging or control.   One of the issues to consider is that cloud applications have also seen a increase of shared log ins, when one account is accessed by multiple people.

With the explosion of applications has come an explosion of passwords. This raises the question “how are people managing all these logins?”  Experience shows the most common user-chosen tool is just to save the password into a browser. Unfortunately, this is probably the least secure solution of all.   A password management solution can help by giving staff secure personal stores and a separate managed company space for shared access control.  With a password management solution, you can assign permissions and adjust them as people change jobs within your company — and when they leave. You can be sure everyone has access to everything they need to do their jobs, without having access they don’t need, which could introduce security risks.

At Kinetics, we choose a company tool which adheres to internationally recognised security standards. It is designed from the ground up to be a business tool, and it also gives each staff member their own private and personal store.

Knowing how important security and passwords are, we are happy to be able to offer this same solution to you. KARE Password Vault includes:

  • A private vault for each user. This is secure and inaccessible to all others users, admins and even Kinetics.
  • Users can set up folders and organise their own passwords.
  • Password generators for strong unique passwords.
  • A shared Company Vault, private to the company and inaccessible to Kinetics.
  • Users can see company level passwords.
  • Admins can divide the company vault into discrete operating or business users and control access.
  • Plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, enabling one click logons.
  • Client versions for desktops and mobiles, giving seamless access across devices.
  • Sharing of approved passwords between yourself and Kinetics.
  • Company Vault password access reporting for user exiting and security.
  • Company vault reporting on password complexity and age.

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With a password manager, changing of cloud and shared access passwords is simplified.  Users don’t even need to know what the password is!  Remove your barriers to secure control with password synchronisation across devices and one-click login.

For more details contact your account manager, call us or email