Introducing Office Remote

by | Apr 16, 2015 | News

Some of the best cool tools sneak out under the radar, and Microsoft Office Remote is one.  It’s fantastic!   It lets you run presentations remotely from your phone.OfficeRemote  Yes, we know there have always been tools like this around, but Office Remote is better – it fits right inside Office and works seamlessly – we love it!

The kicker is, you need Office 2013 or Office Preview 2016.  Of course, all our client’s using Office 365 can smile, because they always have the latest version of Office!

You install Office Remote here  and it’ll add a taskbar into Office.  Then you connect your phone to your PC with Bluetooth (yes, the boardroom PCs may need a Bluetooth dongle added) and you’ll need to install Office Remote from the store – (here’s the link to the Android version) or use the taskbar icon to take you to the Windows Phone version.

That’s it! Done!  When you open the app on your phone, you’ll see a list of files open on your PC that you can control.

OfficeRemote1I’ve tested in against Excel and Powerpoint.  In Excel, I could switch tabs, open slicers etc and manipulate our dashboards – pretty useful for those team meetings where we review performance!

Then in PowerPoint, all the regular timers are available, you can move between slides, read your speaker notes and have a virtual laser pointer.

It’s all just too easy! Very impressive.  It’s worth sneaking this one out and having a go with it!