Is MFA driving you mad?

by | Apr 28, 2022 | News, Security

Getting tired of having to open your phone for access?

If so, you are not alone!

But, its necessary. Hackers are counting on you suffering from an excess of having to reach for your phone to approve access, with something called “MFA Fatigue Attacks”.

MFA Fatigue Attack Cyber Threat

This might look like them bombarding you with a flood of excessive number of push-notifications, so that eventually you approve access, just to make it go away.

It’s pretty simple for them to operate. If they have managed to steal your user id (email address) and password, then all they need to do is keep trying to log in and sending you an approval request. At this time, MFA is the only defence you have against the hacker.

Instead, let us know, and we will block their IP address.

Likewise, if you ever get an authentication request when you are NOT trying to log in, don’t approve it out of habit. Its quite likely to be nefarious.