Keeping our Security tools up to speed

by | Nov 16, 2020 | News, Security

Cyber-crime is estimated to earn criminals US$7 Trillion a year

That sort of money buys cyber criminals a lot of resources.  It’s no surprise then that cybercrime has its own support industries.

You don’t need to access the “Darknet” to purchase hacker tools.  Many are commercially available (you can even buy them on Amazon!) and  have a thin veneer of respectability.  For example, they advertise themselves as security tools designed to check for vulnerabilities.  Your purchase comes with support, manual, video tutorials and forums.  There are even organised user groups that share tips and tricks, much like legitimate products.

We’re looking out for these, for you

Internationally there is a trend to use some of these applications during a breach.  Kinetics has taken that information and developed a customised alert to warn us when we see these.  All MS-Windows workstations, laptops and servers that are covered under KARE Ready Reaction, Core Fundamentals or Premium KARE now have this alert running on them.  This alert service is supplied as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

In addition, our KARE For Security clients who have taken up our “Managed Firewall” uplift option now have an additional block using  a “known website” tool.

Layers of Security

It’s important to remember that there are many tools available to hackers.  There is no single action that is going to supply full protection.  The more experienced the hacker, and the better resourced they or their support group are, then the more likely that they have alternative tools available to them.  But the harder we make it for them, the more likely they will be to move onto an easier pay day.

Kinetics will shortly be offering further new tools for securing your business, your cloud and your users as we continue to rise to the security challenge.