Law Firm IT Services in NZ

We know NZ Law firms.

We understand how critical your IT is.

We know the challenges around navigating data security, privacy and cloud services.

We help over 30 kiwi legal practices with pragmatic, reliable and cost-effective IT solutions. From cyber attack prevention, to data and privacy protection, we’re here to help.

Is your IT a help or a hinderance?

Find out why over 30 mid-size law firms trust Kinetics with their IT

There’s no shortage of law firm management software. We’re experts with the most common solutions: Infinitylaw, OneLaw, Actionstep, LEAP, Aderant, iManage and Lexis Affinity.

We know how to configure your system to make these programs secure, fast and reliable. We know how to configure them for the cloud, or your own servers. We know how to integrate them with Microsoft 365. 

Our deep expertise with leading document management tools, including SharePoint, NetDocuments, IDM and iManage, results in more secure, better managed and more efficient file management.

We’ve helped many firms take advantage of Teams, PowerApps and PowerAutomate to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of common tasks in their practice. 

We regularly integrate with leading dictation tools, and all other common legal software used in NZ.

We know how to help you work from home, the office or anywhere else. So we can make sure that your law firm’s data is always safe, wherever your team may be. 


Let us be your IT support for all things law and legal! 

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Find out how we can help you

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Cyber-crime is a mega-business worth billions of dollars. The cost and effort to combat attacks is increasing. Nothing is guaranteed and the work required to reduce your risk is rapidly evolving.


New tools, new processes and new staff awareness is required. The protections that seemed excessive a year ago are now inadequate. With the pace of change, tools and processes must be thoroughly reassessed every year.

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