Kinetics are Triple Finalists in the 2017 Microsoft Partner Awards

by | Mar 19, 2017 | News

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Kinetics Group is proud to be selected as a finalist in three categories for the Microsoft 2017 Partner Awards – ‘Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions’, ‘Cloud Productivity’ and ‘Learning’.

There are several things that are remarkable about this.

[header2 text=”1) We are being compared with NZ’s heavyweights” align=”left” color=”#336A40″ margintop=””]

In the ‘Cloud Productivity’ category, we are finalists alongside Datacom and Provoke – two of the largest IT service providers in New Zealand.  Datacom is a billion dollar business!!!  While we aren’t exactly small, it is reassuring to know that the services and work we provide for NZ’s economic engine room (ie SME’s) is as good as that being provided to NZ’s largest companies.  As a Kinetics client, you are getting the best service possible.

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Microsoft has recognised our work in three different categories.  So the quality of what we are doing spans multiple services – we are experts in a number of different areas.  Not only recognised for our solutions (Small & Midmarket Solution finalist) we have also been recognised for the practical application of those solutions (Cloud Productivity finalist).  But going beyond where most IT providers stop, our Computer Coaching service (Learning finalist) is the best in NZ at ensuring your teams learn how to use those solutions.  (We can still say we are the best… because we are the current winner of the 2016 Learning Partner of the Year award.)

[header2 text=”3) Our Cloud Expertise is recognised” align=”left” color=”#336A40″ margintop=””]

We are finalists in both cloud categories we entered – ‘Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions’ and ‘Cloud Productivity’.  Our clients know how passionate we are about making use of cloud.  We see too many examples of IT providers who have implemented cloud-for-cloud-sake.  It’s what you do with your cloud implementations that makes a fundamental change to your productivity.  When we implement awesome cloud solutions, we help the organisation change processes and behaviors, so they make full use of what the cloud offers.