Making Teams presentations stand out

by | Sep 15, 2021 | News, TIPS TRICKS AND HINTS

How to put yourself in the picture and make your online presentations look really professional!

We are all looking for ways to stand out, apart from others.  Lockdown has taught us that we don’t have to be in the same room any more to present to clients, partners and stakeholders.

The challenge is standing out and ensuring your audience can focus on your message.  How many video calls have you been on where you are distracted by whatever is in the background of the speaker – to say nothing of the invasion of privacy.

Now, you can present (for example a PowerPoint but in fact this works for anything you are sharing on screen) and superimpose yourself in front.  Your audience can see you, and your content, and concentrate on your message.

When you are presenting, try ‘reporter mode’  or any of the related options.  It is easy to move between them by moving your mouse to the centre of the screen, waiting for the display bar to appear, and choosing the setting you want.

One interesting and slightly related idea is to change your background to use your normal place of work.  Use the camera app in Windows 10 to take a photo from your web cam when your laptop is in your office.  Make sure you are out of frame, and it helps to do it at time when there is no one in the background nor anything that should be moving.  Use this photo as a custom background in Teams – it will look like you are at your desk!