Mayne Wetherell

Dan Meikle, Partner, says “Mayne Wetherell is a market leader in corporate and finance law. Our goal is to being the firm of choice for New Zealand’s most significant and complex business transactions.

The nature of our work means that IT is an essential tool, and that it must work reliably both day and night. System unreliability can be frustrating for all and has the ability to detrimentally affect our ability to undertake work for clients in a timely manner. IT system issues result in our legal staff working harder and longer to deliver our clients the outcomes they require in the timeframes demanded by our areas of practice.

We are extremely pleased that Kinetics was recently able to replace our core IT infrastructure with new and totally reliable equipment at the agreed budget. Replacement was effected with minimal downtime and business interruption. Kinetics provided us with the latest platform which is more flexible, with more scale and capacity that we had previously and at the same time significantly reduced our spend form that required to maintain the previous equipment.”


  • ​Organisation Size : 7 partners and around 25 lawyers
  • Profile : Mayne Wetherell is a market leader in corporate and finance law. Their goal is to being the firm of choice for New Zealand’s most significant and complex business transactions.

Software and Services

  • ​Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Hyper-V Virtualisation
  • Exchange 2010
  • RDS Server
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Fuji Xerox Solution Builder
  • Infinity Law
  • Filesite
  • Kinetics Fixed-Price quoted project deployment
  • Kinetics Total KARE

Project Profile

​When you work on some of the nation’s largest commercial transactions, timing is everything. With such significant values, every detail counts, and every issue must be worked through. That means Mayne Wetherell work long hours, often corresponding with parties on the other side of the world in different timezones, and they need to be available at any time to progress these complex deals.
It means the IT simply has to work, and any upgrade projects have to be faultless – downtime simply isn’t acceptable. That’s why Mayne Wetherell turned to Kinetics when their existing server farm reached end-of-life. Kinetics had proven themselves managing the IT platform for the previous two years, but the old servers were becoming increasingly problematic with numerous hardware faults, often at the least convenient moments.

Kinetics used their experience across a number law firms to design a new infrastructure, adding smart simplicity. Unnecessary servers were stripped out, and the platform streamlined onto a pure Microsoft operating environment. Replacing Citrix and VMWare with the Microsoft alternatives removed unnecessary cost and complexity while improving compatibility and unleashing the capabilities of Hyper-V 2012. Similarly, Citrix was replaced with Microsoft Session Virtualisation offering a simpler, more reliable and more integrated remote experience. The design meant there were more flexible options using less hardware – so much so that the price for new servers with fresh warranties was similar to the price for buying out the old leases!

The project itself was managed by one of Kinetics experienced team leaders and ran exactly to time and budget, leaving Mayne Wetherell with a secure, robust system that will allow their practice to grow and prosper over the years to come.