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Tips Tricks and Sharepoint Top 10 Tips for CEOs Top 10 Security Tips Learn About Microsoft Teams Cloud - Good The Bad and The Ugly
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Tips, Tricks and Sharepoint 

Presented by our Microsoft Award Winning Productivity team some of the exciting new tips you’ll learn is how to Conquer your inbox, flash fill in excel and access documents from your mobile office or anywhere in the world with Share point. The presentation is in two parts and you can choose to attend either or both
11:00 am Microsoft Office Productivity:
  • See what Microsoft has done to "Quicken" common tasks
  • How can you colour in your most important emails?
  • Navigate a Word document quickly
  • Start the journey of condensing Excel data into manageable segments
  • Look at recently added visual tools
Lunch, by Bread and Butter Catering
12:30 pm Microsoft SharePoint:
  • What is Cloud Collaboration and does it really work?
  • How can document versions benefit me?
  • What structure should I apply to my SharePoint?
  • How can I create and maintain a SharePoint List and why would I use one over an Excel Spreadsheet?
  • The benefits of sharing a document versus sending as an attachment
Available at Unit 5, 36 Lowe St, Addington on:
  • Thursday, March 7th
  • Wednesday, April 10th
  • Wednesday, August 14th
  • Wednesday, November 6th
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.

Top 10 Tips for CEOs 

IT is so critical to most organisations, CEOs SHOULD understand where there risks and opportunities are.  In this session you'll learn how much you really know about your critical IT infrastructure, and what you should and shouldn't be worrying about.
This session will answer questions like;
  • Are you meeting your obligations to share/stakeholders?
  • Who really controls your IT systems and data?
  • Is your IT strategy meeting your business needs?
  • Are you maximising your technology investment?
  • Do you have the right relationship with your IT provider?
There is something to learn for even the most experienced CEOs.
Available at Unit 5, 36 Lowe St, Addington on:
  • 7:30AM breakfast -  Thursday, May 9th
  • 7:30AM breakfast - Wednesday, October 16th
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.

Top 10 Security Tips  

Did you know:
  • 24% of NZ SMB’s experienced a cyberattack last financial year.
  • The previous year it was 18% so it is growing each year.
  • Cybercrime cost NZ SMB’s an average of $15,592 in the last 12 months.
Kinetics can show you how to protect your company’s assets and point out the dangers within your company at our mini seminar.
Topics include:
  • Your name 123 - Password Security
  • Hello? - Recognising Scams by phone or email
  • Privacy – Who knows what?
  • Backups – Are they working?
  • Updates and Patches – Not again !!? But they are important!
  • Security of devices and the lost phone in the Uber.
  • DON’T PANIC - What to do if you make a mistake!
Available at Unit 5, 36 Lowe St, Addington on:
  • 12PM Wednesday, September 11th
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.

Microsoft Teams Seminar 

Have you heard of Teams and wondered what all the fuss is about? Microsoft is developing Teams to be the central portal for a company’s communication incorporating Skype for Business, video, chat and file storage.
Why is everyone talking up Microsoft Teams? How can Teams help my business? How is it different to Skype for Business? Is it just Facebook for Business for my staff to waste time on?
Create Channels / Remote conference calls / collaborate on project
Find out how Microsoft Teams can have everyone signing from the same hymn sheet.
Available at Unit 5, 36 Lowe St, Addington on:
  • 3:30PM Wednesday, June 12th
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.

The Cloud- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 

Is the cloud the next step for your Business? Or are you looking at a hybrid model? Do you need a server or would a data centre suit your business.
We answer the tricky questions about the highlights and pitfalls of cloud computing such as:
  • Where is my data?
  • Who owns my data?
  • Is my data safe?
  • Data privacy laws and me.
  • If I need help who do I call?
  • Am I paying too much?
  • Is the cloud working for me?
Kinetics is an independent service provider without a vested interest in any option. We advise what is best for your business.
Available at Unit 5, 36 Lowe St, Addington on:
  • 11:30AM Wednesday, July 17th
PRICE = FREE, but please make sure you book a spot.

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