News from Kinetics

Another Scammer example

  The scammers never stop.  This latest attempt is extremely poorly written.  But when you follow the link it's a passable representation of the Office 365 website. Even thought this looks so clunky, it fools some people... It is easy to image someone under time pressure, clearing lots of backlog emails and not reading carefully enough but [...]

Giving clients better response times

To speed up our service, we’ve introduced a new ‘ticket’ (job) logging system. This is in additional option to ringing us or emailing our ‘support’ email team.  Each of these systems works but are relatively manual.  We know that phone calls tie up your time as we write down details and transcribe them into our database.  Emailing our [...]

New cool stuff in your Office 365

Microsoft are continually updating Office 365 with awesome new tools and more efficient ways of working.  Keeping up with these and learning how to use them is a big challenge, which is why we created the Kambium service in our computer coaching business. Here are a few of the latest and greatest Office 365 additions... You can now see [...]

Macs are the latest victims of ransomware

According to Veeam the number of ransomware attacks has jumped 6000% since 2015-16.  There is an interesting correlation between the increase in ransom attacks and the increase in value of bitcoins! Bitcoin value in NZ dollars.  Source Google Finance   Now we near that Mac’s are being locked and held to ransom. has [...]

Seamless migration to cloud file storage

The Electrical Training Company is New Zealand’s leading provider of Electrical Apprenticeships Training and Employment. With multiple offices and staff all around New Zealand, they decided to move file storage to the cloud using SharePoint.  This wouldenable everyone to easily access documents from anywhere in the country. There was [...]

Member training for the EMA

    The EMA provides its members with employment relations advice from industry specialists, a business school with over 100 courses and a wide variety of conferences and events to help businesses grow. When they recognised a need from their members for upskilling staff in Microsoft products, to make them more effective and [...]

No excuses for ugly PowerPoint slides

Not everyone has an eye for design – particularly when it comes to PowerPoint. Now you can get PowerPoint to design your slides for you. 1.  Add the text and content you wish to display on your slide.  The content can't be too complicated or you won't get any design ideas.  Here was our raw content: 2.  Click Design, [...]

Sensing your office Vibe

As Kinetics had grown, our ability to understand what everyone in the team is feeling or thinking has diminished.  The distance that growth brings between staff and managers creates doubts and misunderstandings that can be hard to see.  More and more we have found ourselves surprised by the urban myths or beliefs that circulate teams without our [...]


Most people will be familiar with the concept of linking something to your Facebook login. Many sites offer you the opportunity to login using your Facebook account. Scammers use this concept to farm credentials for other sites.   One we have started seeing more often is a request to verify something using your Outlook or Office 365 details. [...]

Microsoft 2017 Country Partner of the year!

On top of our recent Cloud Productivity award, Microsoft have just announced Kinetics as their overall New Zealand 2017 Partner of the Year.  We love doing what we do, but couldn't do it without fantastic clients who see IT the same way we do - a source of competitive advantage. The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners [...]