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Host your own ‘Live’ event!

Now you can host your own live events, like a sales or information seminar.  You can advertise on social media and by email, grab an audience and run an event without leaving your desk or paying a fortune (or anything at all) All you need is something worthwhile to say (and Office 365) "Live Events" enables the broadcast of video from Microsoft [...]

Dodging dodgy websites

Not too long ago, (some) businesses tried to limit websites that people could visit during working hours. They blocked social sites and Trademe and so forth. The logic was that people should be working, not surfing the net. Luckily this seems to have faded – staff are trusted, albeit tracking the website activity of your teams might still be of [...]

How does inflight Wifi work? (Being on the cloud while in the clouds)

With Air New Zealand recently adding in-flight WiFi to some aircraft,  we started to wonder how it works.   When you think about how fast a plane flies,  it's amazing WiFi works.   If a plane is travelling at 1,000KM/h, that means it's moving at over 250 meters every second.  So by the time you've sent off a digital signal, you have essentially moved [...]

Phishing emails are getting smarter every day

In the old days (ie last year!!), a dodgy email had a whiff to it – there was something that triggered your subconscious. That’s because some phishing emails were really badly written with terrible English.  But others just had a sniff about them- something that made you suspiscious. But today we see increasingly clever emails designed to fool [...]


  1 September 2018 Kinetics Group Limited and Wired Dog Limited announced today that they have joined together as one IT managed services and advisory provider. Operating under the Kinetics Group brand from 3 September 2018, the combined team will operate from Kinetics’ offices in Newmarket. Wired Dog clients will continue to enjoy [...]

Cloud – Kiwi-made or a global players like AWS or Azure?

Cloud cloud cloud, our customers must get sick of hearing us bang on about it!  But we keep talking about it because the cloud gives fantastic options to most businesses to do more than ever, for less cost.   But, not all clouds are the same. Regular readers will know that we favour Microsoft Office 365 cloud for business tools like [...]

Beware – Social Engineering! The number one security threat to business is your people!

Every business collects data, from sales leads to financial transactions and everything in between. Increasingly data is the new ‘gold’. The problem is, unlike actual gold that you can put in a vault, data is weightless, and your staff need access to your data to get their work done. Locking your data away isn’t viable – you need to use it to [...]

Not as exciting as last month, but still pretty cool! Translate and Activity.

Last month we highlighted the new 'dictation' feature in Office - Outlook and Word, and it seems heaps of our readers and clients have embraced it!  This month, we've looked through all that's new with Office 365 and we're going to highlight some useful features - Translate and Activity. With a KAMBIUM subscription, we'll help you stay up to date,  [...]

We’re going to be hearing about data privacy for a lot longer yet!

I don't know about you, but every day I open emails and articles about data security and our obligations in business.   It's feeling a little overwhelming, but on closer inspection, most of the conversation is pretty sensible. The headlines have been  the data breach legislation in Australia and the GDPR in the European Union.  That resulted in a [...]

Overloading in Outlook? Focussed Inbox is the answer!

Is your inbox overflowing?  Once things move down the page, do they disappear, accompanied by the nagging guilt that you should have done something?  You need a focussed inbox. For many people, their inbox becomes part of their filing cabinet, and that's obviously not what it is supposed to be.  You ideally want your inbox to clearly identify [...]