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Fancy a date?

How many working days are there in a month? For many of us doing budgeting, the number of days matter for either income or costs. For years, I have spent a few moments as part of our budget setting exercise to look through an annual calendar, count the days in each month, then take the holidays I can remember, and exclude them. There’s a [...]

Phishing emails are getting smarter every day

Examples include :               Everyone is busy. Inboxes overflow, timelines are unforgiving, distractions are plentiful. Because we are short on time we can’t double check everything 100%. Yet we must. Because it’s a matter of if, not when, the best of us will click on one of these links. That’s when all [...]


Life must go on, irrespective of the Covid-19 disruption. With our staff, our clients and our various stakeholders relying on us, we simply have to make sure we use this time to come back stronger than ever. Many of us have been through these challenges before, and while the extent of the disruption is unprecedented for many of us, we have a golden [...]


With more and more websites necessary for our everyday activities, it’s getting harder and harder to manage passwords. By now, you will know not to write passwords on post-it notes and paste them on your screen. Its not uncommon for most people to use the same username and password on a number of sites, particularly on sites we think are less important [...]


  There’s more than one infection going on right now. There’s an avalanche of cyber-criminal activity as well – the crooks are faking websites to look like official WHO ones, sending fake emails that appear that to come from authorities – health departments, doctors etc. Some will have files, either pretending to have relevant information or [...]


This week, some guy we hadn’t heard of made a big change to the products we all use. He renamed them. So in reality, everything keeps working as it did before. But what appears on invoices and quotes will change. We’ll take a little while to get used to these new names, and I suspect we’ll get it wrong occasionally. The unknown guy has a name. So [...]

Kinetics provides an Essential Service!

As updated by the Cabinet yesterday, helping you to work from home is an essential service. That doesn’t mean business as usual though. We’re well aware that we need to fight this virus together. We still need to do this safely. That means we need to confirm that the work we are doing is essential, (i.e. essential to helping people work from [...]

Remote Working Tips and Tools

Working from home is different.  Managing staff working from home is also quite different. Here are a few tools to assist: Do we know where they are and what they need?   How do we discharge our Duty of Care to our colleagues?  Introducing the Free Microsoft COVID-19 Crisis Communication PowerApp. Key features include: Employees can [...]

Slow Cloud? The race to Remote Work

Coronavirus in NOT a conspiracy by the tech-industry to get everyone to the cloud. Imagine trying to get your workforce to work remotely without the cloud, and without ubiquitous connectivity like UFB. Those screeching dial-up modems that disconnected all the time would be dire, especially when the screen used to refresh itself in section. Is that [...]