Are your staff struggling with technology working from home? Who are you going to call?

by | Apr 11, 2020 | News

Who are you going to call?

When you are stuck on an IT problem, you are working from home and the only person next to you is a pet!

Out of sight but not out of mind – IT Training is MORE important now than ever


How do you offer training remotely?  How do you deliver training when you can’t be there?

Quick, inexpensive, on-demand  –  with or without a coach to help

Your training needs to be quick, inexpensive, on demand, and you need to know how your participants are tracking.

Perusing Youtube won’t cut it – too much uncurated information – it only makes things worse.  Sometimes you still need a person in the background

NO worries!!  We can help with our Kambium eLearning service!

We’ve moved our Kambium Learning to a digital platform with in-person and pre-packaged content, all through our new Learning Management System to help you track participant results.

Inexpensive, Effective, Immediate  IT training

Remote In-person training

  • Participants join coaching from their own remote location
  • Choose whether to share video or not
  • The trainer shares material with attendees
  • Attendees can ask questions directly or post in the chat
  • Exercises can be assigned




Every day you could be doing things faster and more efficiently.  Your entire team could be!

Offer IT skills development for all IT users (Office/Teams etc) remotely.

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