Are your staff struggling with technology working from home? Who are you going to call?

Who are you going to call?

When you are stuck on an IT problem, you are working from home and the only person next to you is a pet!

Out of sight but not out of mind – IT Training is MORE important now than ever

How do you offer training remotely?  How do you deliver training when you can’t be there?

Quick, inexpensive, on-demand - with or without a coach to help

Your training needs to be quick, inexpensive, on demand, and you need to know how your participants are tracking.

Perusing Youtube won’t cut it – too much uncurated information – it only makes things worse.  Sometimes you still need a person in the background

NO worries!!  We can help with our Kambium eLearning service!

We’ve moved our Kambium Learning to a digital platform with in-person and pre-packaged content, all through our new Learning Management System to help you track participant results.



Inexpensive, Effective, Immediate  IT training

Remote In-person training

  • Participants join coaching from their own remote location
  • Choose whether to share video or not
  • The trainer shares material with attendees
  • Attendees can ask questions directly or post in the chat
  • Exercises can be assigned




Every day you could be doing things faster and more efficiently.  Your entire team could be!

Offer IT skills development for all IT users (Office/Teams etc) remotely.

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