Overloading in Outlook? Focussed Inbox is the answer!

by | Jul 31, 2018 | News

Is your inbox overflowing?  Once things move down the page, do they disappear, accompanied by the nagging guilt that you should have done something?  You need a focussed inbox.

For many people, their inbox becomes part of their filing cabinet, and that’s obviously not what it is supposed to be.  You ideally want your inbox to clearly identify communications that require your attention.  You want it to sort the important from the “I can look at this later”.  Which in today’s world of communication tsunami, usually translates to “never”.

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Office 365 has introduced ‘Focussed Inbox’ to Outlook.  If it just seems to be one more place you have to check for messages, then we can help you!

Given how much time we all spend on email each day, being even a little more efficient will have a huge pay-off in saved time.

Tony, from our friends at Kambium, explains how to use Focussed Inbox and you can grab the [wow_colorme]Outlook Tips guide here.[/wow_colorme]

Let Outlook help you keep what’s important in front of you and remove the distractions!