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CIO, Part time IT Manager, Project Manager or IT Support resources.

Large businesses have full time IT Managers, but smaller businesses simply can’t justify a full time role. However, they still need their overall IT (not just the infrastructure) to be managed. They need someone to proactively manage their IT to meet the changing needs of the business. This is of course different to simply keeping the lights on and the core infrastructure running, which is what our KARE service ensures.

So, we’ve built some tools and a methodology to manage IT for businesses. These are based on the job descriptions commonly used for IT managers

We will make sure the RIGHT IT is chosen (including decisions about cloud, software choices and licensing) and we will KEEP it right so it matches your business needs.

We can provide you with ongoing IT management resource that provides you with the expertise you need, in a flexible, cost effective way.

When you engage us as your CIO or part time IT Manager, we start by identifying and documenting your business’s IT needs, paying particular attention to:

  • Ensure IT is structured and used according to best practice. (A large part of this is develop and evolving company policies and then measuring against them)
  • License management – renewal, reconciliation, optimisation and reporting
  • Vendor management and measurement
  • Project oversight, assessment, management and reporting.
  • Peer review, ensure IT is meeting internal user satisfaction benchmarks
  • IT Governance and strategy, roadmaps, project prioritisation
  • Needs assessment – often attending management meetings, proactive engagement throughout the organisation to determine opportunities for IT to refine processes and create efficiencies
  • Business continuity including risk plans and assessments, and SLA management
  • Reporting -monthly or quarterly reports suitable for CEO and board.

We clarify the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then agree a plan to get there.

If your requirement is for part time CIO or IT management, we start by comparing your business to best practice, using our “FlightPlan”.  We then agree priorities and time frames for addressing gaps highlighted in the “FlightPlan” review.  We’ll have an open discussion with you about how much time each month a part time manager would be needed and the resulting cost.

If your requirement is for Project Management, support, or other technology contract resource, we work with you to understand the outcome you are seeking so we can provide you with an appropriate solution.


IT That Works


We take ownership of the risks, security, governance (policies, processes), capacity, capability, productivity and effectiveness of your IT systems.


The Right IT


By being part of your business, we make sure there is alignment between business decisions and IT decisions. The right IT implemented the right way.


Peace of mind


Know that your IT risks are covered and that you are maxmising your use of IT to advance your business goals.

No stone unturned

Across organisations, IT Managers share between 80-90% common responsibilities.  Our process covers all key aspects that IT Managers should be responsible for in a systematic methodology.

We start by understanding what is critical and what is relevant to your business, creating a workflow of required activity.  So we focus on what’s important to your unique business. The automatically created workflow ensures that no stone is left unturned- your IT will help you drive your business forward.

Why choose Kinetics?


Expertise on hand

Experienced knowledge and advice on what you should and shouldn’t do with your IT


Hands and feet

More than theory, a part time IT manager gets things done


You set priorities

And your part time IT manager will deliver them


Robust and Reliable

Companies don’t have great IT systems by accident, they are deliberately planned and worked on


As flexible as you need

We will work with you to figure out how many hours per month you need a part time IT manager.


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