Researchers Find New Calendar-Based Phishing Campaign

by | Jul 3, 2020 | News

The latest email scam looks like a calendar attachment. It’s a phishing attack intended to get you to click on something that isn’t what it seems to be – in this case an ICS calendar invitation.

It is the same kind of thing as before, except rather than being a DOC file or similar, now its an ICS.

As always, be careful. Use services like KARE for Security (which we think is the 

MINIMUM you should have for security) to scan attachments.

But above all, train people to be on the lookout! Phishing testing is a great strategy.

The particular scam we were alerted to is doubly devious. It pretends to 

come from a security center. There is another version that looks like a banking site. The trend is to make the message appear to come from a source you should trust.


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