RIP Windows 7, SQL 2008 and friends

by | Jun 5, 2019 | News

It’s time to say goodbye to Windows 7

The end of the (support) road is approaching rapidly.  They are over ten years old which is ancient in IT terms. If you think about tech around your home or in your daily life, then its quite understandable that these products after having served us well are coming to an end. We all want our software suppliers to keep innovating and developing new technology and to do so, they have to be sensible about how much legacy they can support.

It’s worth referring to Microsoft’s own notices for updates but it can be a little overwhelming with the multitude of versions and sub-versions.

At the end of support, there will no longer be updates to the software. It will still work, but you can expect other software to be less compatible and newer versions of tools you use may stop working. More importantly, the updates that address bugs or vulnerabilities stop so we can no longer keep you safe or necessarily fix serious problems.  That alone should make up your mind to migrate to newer software platforms.

The headlines are:


Our clients on Kinetics KARE can relax, because we highlight these and any impact on your systems in your monthly reports.

If you are using one of these products, we recommend that you develop a plan to migrate before support ends.