Seamless migration to cloud file storage

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Case Studies

“We’ve been very fortunate to have them on board.  Our transition went very smoothly.  There was a great sense of comfort about them and they are very professional in what they do.” 

– Jeremy Sole, CEO​

SharePoint migration

Making the change from local file storage to cloud access was easy and stressless for the ETCO team

The Electrical Training Company is New Zealand’s leading provider of Electrical Apprenticeships Training and Employment.

With multiple offices and staff all around New Zealand, they decided to move file storage to the cloud using SharePoint.  This wouldenable everyone to easily access documents from anywhere in the country.

There was considerable concern about how people would adapt to this change.

So ETCO engaged Kinetics Computer Coaching to train their staff on how to migrate, manage and use SharePoint to share documents easily and secure.

See what Jeremy Sole, ETCO CEO, has to say about how we helped them.