Security Training and Awareness offer

by | Oct 20, 2021 | News, Security

We are deploying some new tools for our KARE for Security clients.

For a limited time we can share these with all our clients to give you and your colleagues some great e-security awareness training.

The holiday season is targeted by scammers, they know that employees can be either busy or distracted. Kinetics has designed a campaign to educate employees and lift awareness during this troublesome period.

This is limited to three months: November, December and January.  Each month includes different online training and phishing test scenarios.

Your people are a vital line of defense against hackers.  That’s why Kinetics KARE for Security includes security awareness by alternating phishing testing, e-learning and in-person security presentations.

Our new Phishing Testing is linked to one of the worlds largest providers of mail scrubbing.  It leverages their insights into the latest malicious tricks.  It helps us deliver testing which closely parallels what’s happening in the real world.  Improved technology lets us incorporate instant feedback to the user and improved reports.

We are particularly pleased with the upgraded Security e-Learning.  The format is a lot more dynamic and interactive.  Users now receive feedback as they progress though the lessons.  We have also been able to introduce a wider range of topics.  There’s a touch of gamification and alternating of lesson formats, which has significantly increased engagement.

Here’s the offer

Holiday seasons are always hotspots for cyber criminals.  They know that people are either busy or distracted.   They know that that normal patterns of behavior can change and this makes us more susceptible to scams and phishing.

To help protect our KARE for Security Clients.  Kinetics will be deploying Security training in both November and December.  This extra training is to improve your security awareness during this at risk time of year.

Just $630 which includes setup and testing for up to 20 people for the whole three months.

Each additional block of up to 10 users are just $90.

(For our KARE for Security clients – this is already included in your service)