Sensing your office Vibe

by | Sep 1, 2017 | News, TIPS TRICKS AND HINTS

As Kinetics had grown, our ability to understand what everyone in the team is feeling or thinking has diminished.  The distance that growth brings between staff and managers creates doubts and misunderstandings that can be hard to see.  More and more we have found ourselves surprised by the urban myths or beliefs that circulate teams without our knowledge.


Thanks to a peer group we belong to, we found an excellent tool for shining light on these misunderstandings.


OfficeVibe ( is a simple, easy to use, cloud application measuring employee engagement.  Its strength is its anonymity and automation.  It is dead easy to use – you simply input a list of names and email addresses and it will generate the questions.  But it also allows you to ask one custom question per poll.

This simple, easy program has given us great insight into what is really happening in the minds of our teams. The simple charts track trends and help us see potential issues we may otherwise have missed.  Anyone interested in using it is welcome to contact our Operations Manager, Bill Lunam, for details.