Microsoft Office competency testing

  Measuring the productivity of chickens is easy … you just count the eggs. Measuring productivity of those using Microsoft Office is much trickier. Recently a number of clients have asked about benchmarking their users’ skill, so they can focus staff development and training on specific organisational needs. We have been looking at [...]

Reduce email clutter…

Microsoft have introduced ‘Teams’ into Office365.  It is a new application that’s included in most commercial Office365 plans. The concept behind Teams is a chat-based workspace, the idea being that we have collaborative conversations.  It’s about having a conversation (rather than an avalanche of emails) that flows with different people [...]

Microsoft’s Learning Partner of the Year!

Kinetics was among a group of associated companies to win awards at Microsoft New Zealand’s annual awards on 7 April 2016. Winning Learning Partner of the Year, Kinetics unique model of on-premise, tailored computer coaching was validated by the Microsoft team as providing the best Microsoft training in New Zealand.     Dicker [...]