Kinetics provides an Essential Service!

As updated by the Cabinet yesterday, helping you to work from home is an essential service. That doesn’t mean business as usual though. We’re well aware that we need to fight this virus together. We still need to do this safely. That means we need to confirm that the work we are doing is essential, (i.e. essential to helping people work from [...]

Beating Cryptolocker – A Comprehensive Guide

CryptoLocker is online extortion. It encrypts your files and then demands a fee to unencrypt them.  Paying the fee is no guarantee your files will get unlocked or that they will not get encrypted again.  Like traditional extortion, paying the fee only encourages the perpetrators. The odds of your business being hit by CryptoLocker are far higher [...]

Spear-Phishing (aka Whaling)

There's yet another new, and nasty, 'phishing' attack doing the rounds.   We've heard it called SpearPhishing, or Whaling.  Here's how it works. The villains research the name of your CEO and your accountant/CFO.  This is often just a matter of looking on your website for the names.  Then they send the accountant an email, pretending to be from the [...]