Tech like it’s 1999

by | Feb 27, 2019 | News

This week, we’ve seen some pretty interesting tech announcements – I confess the foldable phones really interest me.   While these are crazily expensive now, volume will bring the price down.  But what’s really interesting is imagining this tech in other applications – for example in your car, or in retail experiences.  The idea of a flexible screen is really interesting.

Its now just ten years since the iPad appeared on the scene, and they are ubiquitous today.  They heralded a new format of computer devices and they’ve appeared in many formats since.  It’s amazing how things change!

Just to reflect on how far we’ve come – 20 years ago, 1999, we were really busy expunging the Y2K bug.  The world was going to end if we didn’t.  Who knew what would stop working?  Electricity supply? Banks? Airlines?  It seems quaint now, but at the time it was the most compelling concern facing us.

While we’re at it, 1999 also heralded the Blackberry! (released January 19th, 1999), the Pentium III CPU, and Jeff Bezos from Amazon was ‘Time Person of the Year”

it’s also the year that Wiki’s became a thing – March 25th – (wikiwikiweb)  and from a pop-culture perspective – The Matrix was released at the movies (March 31,1999)