Update : Spearphishing is now much more aggressive

by | Jun 21, 2016 | News

By now, most of our followers will know what spearphishing is – we’ve posted before about it

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Most of our client’s have now experienced an attack, but luckily they are too savvy to be caught (so far)!!

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We just heard about a spearphishing attack on one of our clients where, having sent the fake email (somehow they even knew the client’s CEO was overseas) the hackers then rang the company accountant (15 times in a day) to put pressure on them to make the payment. 

The caller was saying “it’s been authorized, you’ve seen the email, now I need the cash now for x,y and z, you must make the transfer now“.    They made the call 15 times!!  can you imagine the pressure on that accountant, especially if the CEO is in a different time zone and unavailable to confirm it

This is happening to our local clients – regular mid-size businesses.  Firm’s you’ve heard of, and firms you haven’t.   No one is immune!