Microsoft Update – Backup Authenticator (Two-factor authentication tool) and Window 10 1909 ?

by | Sep 29, 2019 | News

Firstly, unless you just delete our emails, or ignore what we (and every other tech professional) have been saying, you should now be using 2FA (two factor authentication) on pretty much everything, especially your Office365.
The downside is that you don’t want to have to set this up when you change phones.  I had the misfortune to drop mine the other day, and the nuisance to set it up again on a replacement is frustrating.

So, some good news – you can now backup your authenticator credentials.   Start by exploring “settings” (the top right of the authenticator screen) and find the back up options.  For more information, check out –
Then there is the latest updates to Windows 10.  (1903)
By now, you should have NO Windows 7 (or older) in your environment.  Remember that Windows 7 is going to stop being supported by Microsoft in January – and that’s pretty soon.   We know there are still a few devices in use.
Windows 10 was new back in 2015.  That was the year Hilary Clinton learned about backing up her email.  Trump was just a property developer in the US (and famous television star).  The UK was yet to vote for Brexit, and in the tech world, and we were about to learn your Samsung Note 7 could also be used as a handy fire starter.
Regular readers will know that we should be onto Windows 10 1909 but that hasn’t gone so well.  It should have been with us back in May but I’d rather they took their time and got it right. (We’ve had bad updates before).  So now Microsoft are saying, it’s ready for wide scale deployment.  That means we will be in touch to get updates for KARE clients underway.
As for Windows 10 1909, the version we should be starting to see about now, at the time of writing there is NO news.  A quick search suggests we might see something later this year, but the[wow_colorme]commentary was vague and uncertain.