Webinar : Protect your business from cyber attacks

by | Jul 23, 2020 | News, Security

Since Covid-19, there has been a surge in ransomware and cyber-attacks in New Zealand. For almost 25 years, Kinetics has specialised in providing comprehensive cyber security solutions and staff training to a broad cross section of the business community.


Learn how to ensure you have appropriate protection against attacks and reduce the risk of a data breach or ransomware incident.

  • Learn about the ever changing cyber security landscape
  • What is the risk for you and your business
  • How does educating your people reduce risk
  • What are practical ways you can mitigate threats
  • How do you keep your passwords safe
  •  Reduce remote access vulnerabilities


Presented by: Kinetics Cyber Security Team


Security breaches have critical implications and can’t be overlooked. Don’t be the next business to be hit by ransomware.

  • 69% of SMBs have undocumented cyber security threats
  • 43% of SMBs don’t have a cyber incident response plan
  • 57% of SMBs have not trained employees on cyber-security