Webinar : Why are businesses adopting eLearning for IT Skills even during the COVID recovery?

by | Sep 3, 2020 | News

Even when many businesses are cutting back on costs, they continue to invest in IT skills because they: 

  • Need to get more from their teams, particularly as roles change to meet new demands
  • Need to keep training costs down
  • Need to show staff they are supported and valued
  • Need to keep finding better ways to use the software they already have
  • Need to keep up with new capabilities in software


Join us to learn why are businesses continuing to invest in IT skill development 

We’ve conducted hundreds of face-to-face courses over the years. We know how people learn. We know what people usually know (and don’t know). We understand what aspects will make the biggest efficiency gains for workers daily lives. There are a gazillion “helpful” videos’ on YouTube for Excel etc but how do you know which ones are useful? How do you know they are teaching you what will benefit you most? You can waste a lot of time finding out… or spend a few dollars with us to GET WHAT YOU NEED.

Join Kambium Learning & Development Specialists for a free webinar on eLearning. Learn how eLearning can transform the way your people build the skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace.

  • Has your L&D budget been reduced?
  • Is it difficult to get your people together at the same time and location?
  • Do your people have the digital skills needed to perform at the required level?
  • Do you need to provide evidence of successful learning outcomes?


Presented by: Kinetics’s learning partner : Kambium  

Join us from 11am on Thursday Sep 24th for a 45 min webinar to learn how eLearning can benefit your business today.

Date : 24 September

Time : 11 AM