What is Business Accelerator 365?

Moving to the cloud just got easier!

It's simple to see the benefits of cloud computing - easy access, known (low) monthly costs, no huge capital outlay and easy to scale. But do you make the change?  Business Accelerator 365 makes it easy!
  We'll do as much, or as little, as you need, to make it quick, easy and painless with no disruption.  We will
  • Configure your Office 365 environment, and do all the online configuration that you need,
  •  Migrate your data to the cloud - emails, appointments, contacts, tasks and your files and documents,
  •  Coach you and your staff in using the Office 365 to get the most from your new tools, and
  •  Maintain your PCs on an ongoing basis, keeping them running at their best, safe from viruses and up to date with the latest updates.
Like the cloud, you can scale your solution, and use as much or as little of our service as you want!  Just use our planning tool to get an installation estimate, and pick and choose the options that you need! Learn : How Office 365 helps your business Quick facts: the Top 10 benefits of Office365