What is Kinetics ITMAAS? Customer Stories.

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Case Studies, News, Not for Profits

IT is critical to the operation of almost every organisation.

If your IT is more than computers and mobiles then WATCH THIS WEBINAR.

If IT is a critical asset to your organisation, then WATCH THIS WEBINAR.

If what IT does matters more than what IT is, then WATCH THIS WEBINAR.

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Technology has the potential to greatly enhance not only how your staff communicate and collaborate with each other, but also enhance how they deliver services to the clients they work with.  IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS) is Kinetics solution to enable you to strategically manage your technology decisions and ensure that technology delivers real benefit to your staff and organisation, rather than just “keeping the lights on”.

ITMaaS is an ongoing engagement where a Kinetics consultant will embed themselves in your organisation to fully understand what makes you successful, understand your staff and culture and speak your language. Our consultants bring a wide range of experience and a team of knowledge to draw from, allowing us to translate business needs into technology outcomes, and translate technical issues into plain English.

The outcomes that you can expect include:

    • Improve the users’ experience of technology and increase their efficiency and capability.
    • Decrease business risks from outdated, unreliable, insecure, or unsupported systems.
    • Reduce IT costs where possible.
    • Ensure the technology is flexible enough to support changes to the business, such as utilising the cloud.
    • Manage capacity to meet expected future growth.
    • Have an up to date IT strategy that enables easier technology decisions in the future.

If you aren’t sure who in your organisation is best to answer these questions, it is probably time you tried a contract part-time IT Manager, to help you manage ALL your valuable IT.

Check out our structured, programmatic “IT Manager as a Service” approach to help you.

Feel like your’e in the dark?

Let us help answer those questions.